FAQs – AndroidSpying Android Phone App

Last updated: March 22, 2017
1How to Install application?

You need to have the device physically in your hand for about 5 minutes. Installation is simple. You simply open up a www.androidspying.com on the mobile and press the download button.

After an Application is installed just enter your register email address and password in the login screen that`s it.How To Install an Application

2How to Uninstall application?

If you want to uninstall an application from the device, then you have to uncheck AndroidSpying application from Device's Settings > Security > Device administrators.

Go to Device's Setting > Application Manager and uninstall AndroidSpying Application.How To UnInstall an Application

3How to open Hidden application?

Just click on Administrator Enable Toggle button and Activate it.

To open application , Dial hide app password into dialer pad.

Also user can open application by pressing power button of device --> click on Flight mode--> Hide password dialog open--> enter hide app password